Progetto Idea Stella is aware that in the 21st Century the environment care is paramount.

For this reason since ever, in compliance with the actual norms, Progetto Idea Stella is engaged in performing its activity with a controlled and extremely reduced impact with the environment.

The paints employed, for example, are characterised by an acrylic base, thanks to which they do not pollute, they dry in the briefest time and guarantee the lowest smell emissions.
Our extremely modern productive cycles neutralize every risk for our employee and reduce sensibly the defective articles.

With the same spirit, we have decided to supply the company with renewable energy by establishing a modern and powerful photovoltaic system on our premises; in this way also safety and eco-compatibility are guaranteed.

Progetto Idea Stella totally guards the workers’ rights and health.

Each company aims to perform its task at its best; we blieve that having friendly relationships with our colleagues and partners is also paramount, as we are convinced it helps in improving our job and products.

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